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Our goal is to deliver wheelchairs to people in desperate need of them around the world. Through this process, we’re bringing together people in need with people who have a heart to help. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who benefits more. 

Throughout the U.S., we receive donations of new and used wheelchairs, parts, raw materials, financial support, and more. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide make our international efforts possible by donating their time, talents, and resources to help our cause. For example, our volunteers: 

  • Collect, clean, repair and box donated wheelchairs and other equipment 
  • Assist in record keeping, and loading and unloading trucks for pick-up and delivery 
  • Make pick-ups and deliveries across the country 
  • Help manufacture wheelchairs 

Hope Haven KidChair

Our KidChair was designed with combined efforts from engineering students at Dordt College and rehabilitation engineers and specialists. It’s created in three sizes and easily adapts to a variety of children’s shapes, sizes, and positioning needs. The KidChair was inspected by an independent evaluation firm called Beneficial Designs in Minden, NV. The equipment “cleared all requirements” for a person up to 120 lbs. The testing included: drop tests, static test, impact test, and fatigue tests, with every portion of the wheelchair measured and analyzed.  Also, it meets the durability needs of very challenging environments, such as unpaved roads and uneven sidewalks. 

Refurbished Wheelchair  

Thousands of volunteers, many of them senior citizens, invest their retirement years and bring a lifetime of expertise and skill to repairing and refurbishing used wheelchairs, crafting new chair cushions, and sewing wheelchair accessories. 

Wheelchairs provide people with disabilities the mobility, inclusion, and care they deserve and need. Our ministry provides quality wheelchairs that are safety-tested and tailored to meet the needs and size of each individual, giving people the opportunity to live a fulfilling life!




Icon Wheelchair


Wheelchairs are collected throughout the continent and sent to wheelchair workshops in the Midwest.

Icon Tools


Volunteers in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota – along with inmates from the South Dakota State Penitentiary – manufacture, rebuild, and repair donated wheelchairs to nearly new condition.

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New and rebuilt wheelchairs are gathered, prepared for distribution at our International Ministries center, and shipped to their designated country.

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A dedicated group of professionals – therapists, rehab specialists, volunteers – travel from around the world to help custom fit each wheelchair to the recipient.

Hope Haven

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