Vision Matters

Imagine you and I are sitting in church together and the pastor opens the Bible to the story of David and Goliath. If we stopped and polled the congregation in that moment most would probably guess the message was going to focus on faith. The greatest underdog story of all time certainly has a lot to do with faith. 

I read something recently that focused on another part of the story. The author talked about the crucial matter of vision to David’s success. His ability to see the situation differently and to take a different approach than the fight the giant was asking for was a big part of that faith victory. 

How and where we place our vision matters. That fact is on my mind at Hope Haven. For starters we are just kicking off a new Strategic Plan with seven core directives. We are going to be moving Hope Haven forward in several important ways in the next three years. 

We’ve also had to see differently when it comes to mental health services. A program that had been struggling because of limited income possibilities ended in June. That’s a big shift in our services but aligns with the need to proceed wisely for the best interest of Hope Haven’s future. It’s hard to end any program but we rest assured that the people we served will have plenty of choice at other providers for continuing their services.  

Finally vision applies to how we do employment. The state deadline for closing employment workshops has arrived and Hope Haven complied with that big change even though we don’t entirely agree with it. We have moved initiatives forward to engage people in their community with employment or our My Day programs for meaningful day activities. 

In all of this vision matters. We have to see the fight as a matter of faith. We continue to open new homes. We continue to lead in the state on who has the opportunity to work. We continue to have a statewide impact on training of best practices. God is leading Hope Haven. He’s giving us faith to stay strong and eyes to proceed well. 

Matt Buley CEO

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