Finding Strides at Pure Fishing

Changes at work can be difficult and may involve tough transitions. But for the Hope Haven clients who previously worked at Echo Plus in Spirit Lake the changeover from working at the Echo Plus building to working at Pure Fishing has been largely positive. Nancy Brewer Lead Group Supportive Employment notes that the crew finds pride in where they work “They say ‘I work at Pure Fishing’ now.” Nancy’s role is to supervise and lead the group who made this transition from Echo Plus.  

The majority of the group who now work at Pure Fishing were previously part of the Facility Based Employment Model which ended under Iowa legislation this year. The main responsibility in this part of the Pure Fishing factory is quality control and restoration for rods and reels that come from returns departments across the country. Some of the returned products only possess small defects or issues that are easily remedied. Crew members determine if a product is eligible for restoration while damaged items are dissembled and removed from the process.  

Next eligible products are then cleaned restored and sent to Fisherman’s Factory Outlet for sale.  Additional projects arise throughout the week like labeling or packaging new product. Nancy remarks that the group loves the variety that extra projects like this provide and the opportunity to hone new skills that they bring.  

“The opportunity in May 2018 for Hope Haven to begin to operate a group supported employment crew at Pure Fishing has grown an already excellent partnership between our two companies ” says Scott Witte Director of Employment Services. “When observing the operations it is readily apparent that work crew members and Hope Haven staff love their work.  The crew feels supported by Pure Fishing staff and the company values their contributions to the business.” 

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