Faith Patience and a New Day

When Traci Sanow was looking for work 22 years ago she sought out an opportunity to use her gifts of patience organization and conflict resolution to work with people of a variety of abilities. She found Hope Haven in October of 1994 and never looked back.

“In my time as a Work Services Supervisor I’ve learned a lot of things ” said Sanow who currently works at Hope Haven’s Rock Valley location. “Most importantly I’ve learned that you have to have faith. You never know what this experience or the people you work with have to offer. And they do have so much to offer.”

Sanow quickly learned that her favorite part of the job was helping others reach their goals. “That moment when everything comes together ” she adds. “When clients meet a milestone or become more independent or make a step in the direction they want to go—that’s my favorite part.”

As a Work Services Supervisor Sanow is responsible for a developing a curriculum and strategy for Hope Haven clients to learn crucial life skills while working with community businesses. She helps people with a range of abilities gain the experience and knowledge necessary to become more independent confident and engaged. 

“I don’t think I could have foreseen how that first job all those years ago could turn into a career that has taught me valuable insight on so many things ” she adds. “This includes looking beyond what we call our flaws and the unconditional acceptance we receive from those we support. Each day is a new day. As I look back there is not much that I would change or do differently.”

Those who are considering a position with Hope Haven (and we do have open positions!) could learn a lot from Traci her amazing team of coworkers and all the clients we have the honor to serve. “Looking beyond disabilities is a lot easier than you think ” said Sanow. “Especially when the rewards are so high.”

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