Emily’s Shredding Company

If you live in Sibley there’s a chance you’ve heard of Emily’s Shredding Company. Emily launched her company in March of last year and business has been booming ever since. 

What started as an interest in helping her mother organize at home has blossomed into an in-demand operation. Emily’s fascination with shredding was also fueled by shredding tasks when she worked at Osceola Employment Services in Sibley.


Today only months after establishing her namesake business Emily receives numerous bins of material from local organizations and individuals. Confidentiality is of paramount importance and her sole focus is on the act of completing shredding projects.


Emily’s Job Coach Ashley assists her during the regular business hours – Monday through Friday 1:30-3:30pm. “I’m there for reminders and to help when I can but she’s so self-sufficient ” notes Ashley. In addition to the support provided by a job coach Emily attends Day Hab and lives in a Hope Haven residence receiving help with responsibilities like cooking and cleaning.

Looking to the future Emily aspires to move the business out of her family’s home and into a separate designated space. It’s clear that with support from family her job coach and the Sibley community Emily’s utilizing her God-given talents to pursue a vocation she’s truly passionate about.

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