Discovering New Friendships

If there’s a birthday in the Estherville residence that Macasey and Ryan call home you can bet there’ll be chocolate pie to celebrate. 

The four men who live here relish this tradition but it’s not just birthday pie that’s forged a bond in the group. Macasey and Ryan in particular have become fast friends in the months since Macasey moved in this June and it’s all thanks to some thoughtful gestures and a shared love of sports.  

Special Olympics is especially revered by the group and it’s this mutual interest that inspired Ryan earlier this year. While out shopping with his mother on his birthday he didn’t request what one would typically expect. Instead of focusing on gifts for himself he requested to purchase new sporting gear for Macasey. At the time Macasey had none to use for Special Olympics activities.  

Macasey who had earlier in the week made a point to gather chocolate pie ingredients for Ryan’s birthday was more than surprised to receive these seemingly out of the blue gifts. “I was shocked that he opened up like that ” recalls Macasey. Ever since that day not long after Macasey had moved in they’ve established a great friendship. “We continue to see progress made between Ryan and Macasey ” states Community Living Lead Coach Tammy. 

  In times outside of birthday celebrations these two also both maintain busy schedules. Ryan loves his routine managing one job at Pure Fishing and another in the food services department of Iowa Lakes Community College. Meanwhile Macasey is a student at the college putting his artistic skills to use in pursuit of a graphic design degree.  

  But in between work school Special Olympics chores and driveway basketball games they’ve come to understand each other as not only as housemates but as newfound friends.  

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