Why I Love My Hope Haven Job

It always seems like February is an easy month to love. With Valentine’s Day nestled right in the middle we are surrounded by hearts and flowers and sweet things for most of the month. Whether we are giving them to our loved ones or enjoying them as gifts valentines serve as a profound reminder as to why love is so much better and stronger and more visible when it is shared.

Randi Grevengoed reminded us of this fact when she shared with us why she loves working at Hope Haven. “When I started working here as a high school student I’ll admit the job was pretty challenging ” she recalls. “But that doesn’t also mean it wasn’t amazing. I think those two things go together more often than not.”

Randi is celebrating her 10th year with us and she has picked up a few things along the way. “Working with people with disabilities has taught me so much ” she said. “I have learned that God does not make mistakes. I watch people struggle and learn how to do the tasks most of us take for granted things like making a bed or brushing teeth but they do it and they do it with such purpose and joy. It has made me realize my own blessings and it has also taught me so much about life—how to be patient how to love unconditionally how to enjoy life’s simple moments and successes.”

“It’s easy for most of us to take our lives for granted ” she adds. “And it’s just as easy to forget to be thankful for them. Working at Hope Haven has given me the gift of gratitude not only for my unique gifts and abilities but also in the increased capacity to celebrate life’s moments and successes in whatever form they take.”

When you live in the service of others you’ll find that Randi’s story is beautifully commonplace. We are proud to offer job opportunities at Hope Haven with competitive pay and benefits but the majority of our team members don’t work here for either of those reasons. We work here because we know the best of our benefits can’t be cashed in or claimed on a tax form; the rewards are simply much too valuable for that.

Are you ready to be part of something bigger? Explore our job opportunities here.

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