Ticket to Work

The Ticket To Work program is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2019. Hope Haven is one of 700 organizations in the nation who are Employment Networks. Hope Haven uses two business models under Ticket To Work. The first model uses traditional employment services like job placement and job coaching to assist people in finding employment. The second model was recently added and in that model Hope Haven is the employer who hires people under Ticket To Work.

Ticket To Work was put into law to provide people on Social Security Disability more options in services to find employment. The biggest benefit with using a Ticket To Work is the protection it offers from Continuing Disability Reviews. Ticket To Work has a goal of helping people work their way off Social Security benefits and achieve financial independence. Hope Haven is currently working with 18 individuals who have assigned their tickets to Hope Haven and we will continue to grow!

Written by Brenda Doppenberg Employment Benefits Specialist

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