Mental Health & Recovery Program Updates

Here’s an update on some of our Mental Health & Recovery programs provided by Hope Haven Mental Health Manager Carolyn Salberg.

Peer Support

Peer Support’s six Recovery Mentors continue to walk the pathway towards recovery alongside individuals struggling with mental health issues.  Strides toward recovery are regularly witnessed as the mentors guide and support the participants while they work to break isolation learn appropriate coping tools build relationships and acquire social skills.

Peer Support has had an average of 67 participants over the past 12 months and has worked with participants in 16 different towns in Northwest Iowa. This number is on the increase due to the opening of Hope Haven community living homes in Le Mars. This has necessitated the hiring of another staff member and has spotlighted the need for even more Mental Health education in the Peer Support department.

Key to Success

Key to Success’ four practitioners have been hard at work assisting participants in realizing their dreams by obtaining or recovering successful and satisfying roles in their community. The popularity of the program exists due to the success of the practitioners and participants.

Key to Success has had an average of 26 participants over the past 12 months and has worked with clients spread all over Northwest Iowa. A fourth staff member was hired for this program and staff have been hard at work to increase the numbers of participants receiving the high levels of service that Key to Success has continually provided over the years.

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