Lincoln’s Fundraiser

Meet Lincoln! He just finished second grade at Rock Valley Christian School. This past school year the second graders participated in Blessed to Bless where they found a way to raise money and give it back to a charity of their choice. For this project the class put together a cook book to sell. After splitting the profits each student got $24 to give back to charity.

After narrowing down his options Lincoln decided he wanted to donate his money to Hope Haven International Ministries so it could go towards a wheelchair for a kid in another country. However Lincoln’s mom Emily asked him if he just wanted to give the $24 or if he wanted to make it grow in some way. Lincoln excitedly chose to find a way to give a bigger donation.

After brainstorming ideas for a fundraiser Lincoln and his family came up with the idea of chocolate covered strawberries since it was close to Valentine’s Day. They calculated exactly how many dozen strawberries they needed to sell in order to buy one kid chair (a wheelchair made by HHIM volunteers specifically for children). After only 15 minutes they had to stop taking orders because they already sold the 14 dozen strawberries they needed to meet Lincoln’s goal.

Lincoln along with the help of his family made and delivered the strawberries on Valentine’s Day. While Lincoln was thrilled to buy one wheelchair their local church caught wind of his fundraiser and multiple people were interested in making donations. As word got around Lincoln soon turned his initial $24 into enough money to buy four kid chairs!

We thank Lincoln and his family for changing the lives of children around the world with the gift of mobility!

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