Hope Haven Launches New Pearl Model

Hope Haven has officially launched the PEARL Model   a model to enhance our ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with people we serve and work with in and out of Hope Haven.  What is Pearl?  Pearl is a model for communication that uses proactive treatment interaction which is defined as social exchange between individuals that is intended to result in greater independence autonomy or inclusion for one of the individuals in the exchange.  See more about the PEARL below:


We promised more!

P = Positive

A positive interaction is inviting.  A person who is interacting in an inviting manner has a kind facial expression uses a welcoming voice tone and has a relaxed posture.  The person looks interested in interacting. The person is upbeat makes requests (rather than commands) and actively prompts or encourages more interaction.

Interacting positively often requires that we get ourselves ready to engage in social exchange with another human being.  In many human service situations this means leaning our personal struggles behind and reminding ourselves that in general persons will have more interest in being around someone who looks and sounds positive rather than someone who is simply no fun to be with.


E = Early

To interact early means to have a social exchange before an individual experiences an emotional or behavioral upset that results from being in a difficult situation.  It means providing help or problem solving assistance when it is needed and not waiting around until a risky situation develops.

Interacting early requires us to become very alert or sensitive to signs of an impending upset by those we attempt to assist.  We know what these signs are in our own lives and if we plan to help we need to be alert for them in other peoples’ lives as well.  If we stay alert we can use these signs as indications that our help is needed before a behavioral sequence escalates.  

A = All

            All means that we will use all components of PEARL with all people with whom we interact in all settings where interactions take place and all the time.

            The all component of PEARL serves as a fairly constant reminder that we are interested in developing more powerful mutually reinforcing relationships in our lives and that this sort of relationship is also possible (and potentially very rewarding) with any person who is considered to be disabled.

R = Reinforce

            Reinforce means interacting in a way that acknowledges more independent or autonomous behavior is intended to result in increased future use of this behavior.

            In order to start a mutually reinforcing reciprocal relationship someone has to get the interaction going.  In human service using the PEARL dictates that this responsibility falls to the person who is providing assistance.

L = Look

            To look means that we will identify opportunities to teach as they arise and encourage actions that decrease dependence increase independence or autonomy and permit greater participation in the social community.

            The look component suggests that although we may structure some times for some learning activities we interact in a way that takes advantage of various real life situations as they arise in order to encourage more autonomous behavior whenever and wherever it is needed.

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