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“Use your hands for good hard work, and then give generously to others in need.” Ephesians 4:28 NLT 

Across the globe, people spend hours, days, or even years in isolation, unable to experience the dignity and freedom they deserve. This past January, a group of volunteers served in Costa Rica to fulfill Hope Haven’s mission to provide advocacy and resources for those with disabilities in developing countries. They simply put their hands to work and delivered over 106 custom-fitted wheelchairs to individuals in need. More importantly, they provided them with hope and freedom.


Following her first trip with HHIM on January 17, 2024, volunteer Maddie Pazour, Hope Haven Day Hab Services Manager, got to see firsthand how your donations change lives. “I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to join the wheelchair distribution trip to Costa Rica,” said Maddie. “As the wheelchair clinics progressed throughout the week, I met some of the most amazing people, both volunteers and those receiving wheelchairs. I spent most of my time checking wheelchair brakes and transcribing the stories of how these people got to a place in their life where they needed a wheelchair. Hearing their stories and seeing their smiles is something I will never forget.”

People are often on waiting lists for years before owning a wheelchair. “When people arrive with their family members, you can see the desperation in their eyes. Then, when they finally get seated in their wheelchairs, there is unspeakable joy and to see the joy on their faces is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It’s life-changing! Every single person I helped was so grateful, positive, and thankful for what they had. One gentleman hadn’t left his house or bed for five years, and this was his first outing. It was an honor to be a part of creating countless cherished memories for these individuals and their families. I went to Costa Rica with the mindset to give. In the end, it was me who received so much more in return.” 


Your partnership will deliver hands-on, Christ-centered help to people who wouldn’t otherwise receive the equipment they need, or the eternal source of hope and freedom. Your contribution will enable us to continue to change the lives of those in need around the world – today and in the future!

If you wish to contribute, please CLICK HERE to donate today. At Hope Haven, we thank you again for your support and prayers in serving our mission. 

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