Gracia Angelica in El Salvador

The below note is from a seating specialist that helped in a wheelchair distribution in El Salvador. God is Good!

“I was blessed to be able to serve in El Salvador this past fall. I heard that you are part of the team who built the pediatric chairs that were such an important part of the seating needs that we were able to meet in El Salvador. I wanted to thank you and your team for the many hours effort prayer and love that you put into each chair. They are a tangible display of Christ’s love that gives the gift mobility. I pray that this new freedom brings each of its recipients and their families to a Christ-teaching church where they can grow to love the Savior who was introduced to them at the outreach.

I’d like to introduce you and your team to Gracia Angelica. She arrived to the outreach quite ready to receive a chair. She was smiling from ear to ear as her sister Diana carried her. Carrying a loved one is a common sight for us as folks arrive to be seated. Many have never known the benefits of a wheelchair. Please note that not everyone is small and petite as Gracia. We also see adults arriving in the arms of one or even two loved ones.

Gracia is 7 years old and had a beautiful and sweet relationship with her sister. She quickly jumped into my arms and into Silas’ arms. Silas was our team’s mechanic. I had a hunch that there was much talk in her home over the preceding weeks regarding our arrival. It amazes me all the intricacies that fall together over many months many continents and many hands all orchestrated by God! He is working before we arrive when we arrive and long after we leave! Gracia cried each time we took her out of our arms to work on her Hope Haven chair. After about an hour of trade-offs between hugs and adjustments Gracia literally squealed in her chair as she self-propelled away to the next station. No doubt she was ready to receive that chair! Just about everyone stopped to look at Gracia the joyful squealer!

Thank you for preparing that chair for Gracia for lightening the load on her sister and her family and for bringing such joy to this young gal. It is my prayer that she grows to grab just as easily onto the love of Christ making Him her Savior! Multiply this by the hundred’s of chairs that leave your hands. I am thankful!

Please continue your steadfast efforts on the Hope Haven chairs. You are changing lives not only through mobility but through the door that is opened to share Christ!”

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