Alex’s Story

“Faith, Hope & Charity are just like family!” In Storm Lake, IA, Hope Haven supports seventeen children with 24/7 total care services at our intermediate care facility for intellectual disabilities. Donors like you make it possible for Hope Haven to support children in a safe and loving home with meals, activities, nursing, recreation, skill building, community interaction, and other services to meet their needs.

Meet Alexander “Alex” Schuldt, a caring 14-year-old from Newton, IA.

Alex has navigated a lot in his young life. Living in a large family presented challenges for Alex, but in December 2022, he found a home at Faith, Hope & Charity! The small houses in the facility accommodate Alex well.

The staff has built a strong relationship with Alex to develop a better understanding of his needs, wants, likes, and dislikes. The two things he enjoys doing the most are disassembling objects and maintaining a steady, healthy diet, whereas his dislike is having changes in his daily routine.

As Alex’s relationships progress, he has grown to feel more at home by doing more of the things that make him a better housemate. He has also increased growth towards achieving semi-independence, like dressing himself for school and showering. The goal at Faith, Hope & Charity is to guide Alex’s development and growth in all aspects of his life through positive encouragement and structured educational programs. Overall, the staff is so proud of the improvement that Alex has made and cherishes the moments spent together, and the memories made that make Alex part of the family!

“There has been an immense positive change in Alex’s and our family’s home lives since he started living at Faith, Hope & Charity,” says Alex’s father, Josh Schuldt. “Our family appreciates Jenny Leight, Alex’s Home Lead, for the passion and commitment she gives to Alex, which has led to an extreme growth in his behavior.”

Because of you, Alex and his family found the joy of happiness at Faith, Hope & Charity, receiving the nurturing, attention, and encouragement needed for him to grow and develop. With your continuous support, individuals with disabilities have reliable access to healthcare and other services that enhance their quality of life. Your gift will not only help Alex, but so many other children and adults in need of support today, and well into the future.

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