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The Gift Of Hope - A Wheelchair

Our goal is to deliver wheelchairs to people in desperate need of them around the world. Through this process, we’re bringing together people in need with people who have a heart to help. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who benefits more! Throughout the U.S., we receive donations of new and used wheelchairs, parts, raw materials, financial support, and more. Hundreds of volunteers worldwide make our international efforts possible by donating their time, talents, and resources to help our cause.

For example, our volunteers:

  • Collect, clean, repair, and box donated wheelchairs and equipment
  • Assist in record keeping, loading and unloading trucks for pick-up and delivery
  • Make pick-ups and deliveries across the country
  • Help manufacture and refurbish wheelchairs

If you or someone you know requires a wheelchair in a location where Hope Haven is organizing a distribution trip, please contact Luke Russell for assistance at

Hope Haven International Ministries
521 N Kiwanis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD, 57104


Wheelchair Journey

Since 1994, Hope Haven International Ministries (HHIM) has been a leader in its industry for refurbishing, manufacturing, and distributing appropriately sized wheelchairs for free to transform the lives of children and adults in desperate needs around the world. Each wheelchair is selected and custom fitted for the recipient based on their unique needs. Physical Therapists and other specialists travel with HHIM on wheelchair distribution trips to ensure that each wheelchair is tailored to the specifications of the end user. Families are also trained and given information on how to assist the new wheelchair recipient on usage and proper care. See below for a few of the types of wheelchairs that are distributed to individuals with disabilities worldwide.


Wheelchairs are collected throughout the continent and sent to wheelchair workshops in the Midwest.


Volunteers in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota – along with inmates from the South Dakota State Penitentiary – manufacture, rebuild, and repair donated wheelchairs to nearly new condition.


New and rebuilt wheelchairs are gathered, prepared for distribution at our International Ministries center, and shipped to their designated country.


A group of dedicated professionals, therapists, rehab specialists, volunteers participate in global distributions to ensure proper fit of the wheelchairs based on their unique needs.

Make A Difference With A Gift Of Hope - Sponsor A Wheelchair

When a wheelchair is sponsored, a life is impacted. Wheelchairs provide people with disabilities the mobility, inclusion, and care they deserve and need. Our ministry provides quality wheelchairs that are safety-tested and tailored to meet the needs and size of each individual. A new wheelchair provides opportunities for education, employment, community involvement, and to live a fulfilling life!

Locations Hope Haven International Ministries Supports: Africa | Guatemala | Mexico | Peru | Romania | Vietnam | Costa Rica | Philippines

International Ministries
521 N Kiwanis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104


The need for wheelchairs around the world continues to grow, and that’s why we need you! Make arrangements for your company or a work group from your church/school to assist at one of our workshops in George, Orange City, and Rock Valley (IA), Edgerton (MN), or Sioux Falls, Brookings, and Volga (SD). Or if you or know someone who wants to volunteer their time! No time commitment. You set your own schedule. To learn more, call (712) 476-2737.


  • Making parts
  • Sewing
  • Assemble chairs
  • Box chairs
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Distribution Trips

Anyone with a heart to help others is invited to join a Hope Haven International Ministries wheelchair distribution trip. Teams are in need of doctors and nurses, physical and occupational therapists, wheelchair seating specialists, and language translators. Other important volunteer duties include paperwork, photography, and providing support to wheelchair recipients – you don’t need a specific set of talents to join! Volunteers pay their own expenses or raise support from home churches, family and friends. Arrangements are coordinated by HHI staff. Travel arrangements are coordinated by HHIM staff. If you would like to get involved with our ministry and help make a difference, take a trip with us! You can learn more by contacting Luke Russell at or 605.401.3674.

Distribution Trips for 2024:

  • Costa Rica: January 17-24 (View photos from trip)
  • La Paz, Mexico: February 4-9
  • La Paz, Mexico: February 11-16
  • Cuba: February 24 – March 2
  • Vietnam: March 14 – 22
  • Uganda: March 16 – 25
  • Romania: May
  • Guatemala: Summer
  • Vietnam: November
  • Peru: TBD


Wheelchair drop-off locations:

  • Sioux Falls, SD (521 N Kiwanis Ave)  |  To make arrangements call 605-401-3675
  • Rock Valley, IA (1800 19th Street, PO Box 70)  |  To make arrangements call 712-476-2737
Attics and basements hold hidden treasures – wheelchairs and other medical equipment that are desperately needed around the world! You can do a one-time collection drive in your area or volunteer to be a drop off location for others to bring their wheelchairs throughout the year. You can be located anywhere in the country to participate in this.
Truck Drivers are also needed to help transport the wheelchairs across the continent back to NW Iowa.
Items We Accept:
  • Wheelchairs In Repairable Condition
  • Crutches (Not Wooden)
  • Metal or Fiberglass Canes
  • Shower Chairs
  • Commodes
  • Rollators
  • Walkers
Items We Will Not Accept:
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Catheters
  • Physical Therapy Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Wheelchairs That Are Beyond Repair


1,495,000+ Community Service Hours

HHI has a wheelchair warehouse inside the South Dakota State Penitentiary, where approximately 40 inmates serve community service hours working on wheelchairs. It’s a unique partnership because not only do the inmates have work to keep them busy, and the wheelchairs are going to a great cause, but the inmates lives are transformed through the pride they take in their work.

One inmate explains why he builds wheelchairs for people, “We give them freedom…something many of us will never have.” The inmates work 5 days a week on the wheelchairs. The tasks include sewing upholstery, molding trays, refurbishing wheelchairs, and manufacturing the ROC “tilt-in-space” wheelchair.

Jeff who has worked at the prison for many years says: “I could get paid at other jobs in the prison, but I stay here. I get such great satisfaction because little kids are going to get wheelchairs!

Matthew who also works at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, states: “The work puts my heart in motion. Working in this wheelchair shop, fixing wheelchairs for little kids, has transformed me, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.”


Hope Haven International Ministries’ global outreach began in Romania in 1996. Officials charged with the overwhelming task of serving thousands of institutionalized people with disabilities requested that Hope Haven Executive Staff visit, assess, and advise on more effective implementation.

They found people with disabilities living in deplorable conditions, sensed God’s leading, and Hope Haven launched Portul Sperantei (Hope Haven in Romanian). In 1996, a missionary couple employed by Hope Haven began a wheelchair ministry in Romania. Daniel Mereuta, born in Barlad, worked under the missionary couple and became the Director in 1999.

The organization not only personally delivers wheelchairs to children and adults in need, but is intentional about building relationships with the recipients and their families. Portul Sperantei evangelizes to families and follows up with bi-annual holiday cards to verify their address and medical status.

Portul Sparentei also has a school program for children with disabilities. This offers children the opportunity to learn and grow in a school setting. The program is staffed by volunteer teachers and overseen by Daniel Mereuta.

Branson Cares

Branson Cares is a program that provides pediatric wheelchairs for children in need of mobility all around the world – thanks to generous patrons and donors like you!

Branson’s Music and Theatre Industry Organization, BAAMT, has been chosen to partner with Hope Haven International Ministries to spearhead this citywide effort.

“Branson has always had a big humanitarian heart. Working side by side with this global non-profit to provide pediatric wheelchairs for severely disabled children is something we hope all of Branson’s live shows and theaters can get behind… together,” said Bob Nichols, President of BAAMT.

Your donation goes towards a Hope Haven KidChair – a $275 pediatric wheelchair that easily adapts to a variety of children’s shapes, sizes, and positioning needs. A wheelchair empowers a child to go to school, interact with their peers, and participate in community activities!


International Ministries
521 N Kiwanis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Hope Haven KidChair

Our KidChair was designed with combined efforts from engineering students at Dordt University                  and rehabilitation engineers and specialists. It’s created in two sizes (12″ – 58 lbs and 14″ – 61 lbs) and easily adapts to a variety of children’s shapes, sizes, and positioning needs. The KidChair was inspected by an independent evaluation firm called Beneficial Designs in Minden, NV. The equipment “cleared all requirements” for a person up to 130 lbs. 

The testing included: drop tests, static test, impact test, and fatigue tests, with every portion of the wheelchair measured and analyzed. Also, it meets the durability needs of very challenging                  environments, such as unpaved roads and uneven sidewalks.

You can sponsor this specific wheelchair here by checking the “$300 KidChair” option.

Refurbished Wheelchair

Thousands of volunteers, many of them senior citizens, invest their retirement years and bring a lifetime of expertise and skill to repairing and refurbishing used wheelchairs, crafting new chair cushions, and sewing wheelchair accessories.

Wheelchairs provide people with disabilities the mobility, inclusion, and care they deserve and need. Our ministry provides quality wheelchairs that are safety-tested and tailored to meet the needs and size of each individual, giving people the opportunity to live a fulfilling life!

 You can sponsor this specific wheelchair here by checking the “$100 Refurbished” option.

International Ministries
521 N Kiwanis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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