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Navigating New Routines

If you’ve ever lived with a roommate, you know it can often take time to find a rhythm.  That hasn’t been an issue for the three new occupants of a home in Spencer, Iowa. While the women knew of each other from Hope Haven Day Hab activities, they had never lived together. In fact, all three girls moved directly from their parents’ homes. 

In the month since they’ve been together, however, they’ve quickly built traditions. Sunday is movie and popcorn night, Monday is their grocery day, and on Wednesdays they go out to dinner. They coordinate chores, and look forward to warmer weather when they can spend time together in their home’s large backyard.  “The girls are adjusting really well, and are jumping right in with establishing their own routines,” notes Jasmin Sandoval, Community Living Lead. 

Christine & Allie

House resident Christine Hemann enjoys the perk of having her own space, and takes pride in keeping things clean and in their correct place.  In addition to participating in Day Hab five days a week, she spends time exercising, playing games on the computer, and being creative.   

One of Christine’s roommates, Allie Mcgruder, participates in Special Olympics and Day Hab.  She also works at Pizza Hut through Hope Haven’s My Choice program, and loves being out in the community.  “Allie is so social, and can make friends with anyone!” affirms Community Living Manager Amanda Morony. 

The home is staffed when the residents are home, and although there is one spot open before it is at full capacity, they are waiting for the right person.  Explains Sandoval, “We want them to find the right match.  The girls get to meet each other, and the parents, to decide if they want to live together.”  

Hope Haven

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