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A Career in the Community

Although Brice Seuntjens can’t hear you coming, he’s sure to greet you with a huge smile and friendly handshake when he encounters you. Brice is deaf, but this new member of the Holiday Inn crew in Sioux Center is not letting his hearing ailments prevent him from pursuing employment he enjoys.  

Described as very thorough and tidy, Brice is thriving in his laundry duties at the hotel. Watch him work, and it’s clear he enjoys the methodic, meticulous routine of sorting and folding sheets, towels and other clean linens. His love for this type of task has some history. “It’s perfect for him,” states his guardian, John Menning. “He has always loved doing laundry as long as he has lived with us, and that has been for 35 years.” 

Brice folding laundry

Brice at work at the Holiday Inn in Sioux Center, IA

Job coach Scott Eekhoff notes that he’s a quick learner, “Brice caught on right away.” The majority of Brice’s communication is executed through gestures, movements, and some signing. When he was initially trained on his housekeeping tasks, he memorized the routine and was able to easily replicate the steps moving forward. This attention to detail ensures a high quality of work.  

Prior to employment at the Holiday Inn, Brice worked at Parkview Industries in Rock Valley, and participated in Day Habilitation. Today, it’s evident that Brice is matched with a job that not only suits his interests and aptitudes, but also affords him opportunities like meeting friends and fulfilling goals.   

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