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Volunteers: Scott, Dale & Pete

From our very first day of operation, Hope Haven has been blessed by tremendous individuals volunteering their time and talents. They vary in age, background, and skill sets, but share the common thread of simply wanting to help others.   

Pete Mellema, Dale Thorpe and Scott Thorson all volunteer for Hope Haven International Ministries at the Sioux Falls location. They each came to Hope Haven through different paths.  Pete heard a presentation at his church, and a seed was planted.  Dale started out serving on the International Ministries Advisory Council, after being connected through a different community engagement. For Scott, a distribution trip to Vietnam was especially impactful, sparking a relationship with Hope Haven that continues long after he returned home. 

HHIM Volunteers Pete & Scott

Pete Mellema and Scott Thorson

HHIM Volunteers Dale

Dale Thorpe

All three men spend a portion of their time driving for Hope Haven International Ministries, delivering wheelchairs to refurbishment centers around the Midwest, and returning them to Sioux Falls when they’re completed. In addition to driving, Scott has been instrumental in instituting a wood shop where they build trays, seat backs, lateral pieces, and foot rests for wheelchairs. Pete and Dale also help out in the wood shop, and assist with boxing up wheelchairs for shipment. 

The men have also shared their gifts on many distribution trips, traveling to Guatemala, Vietnam, and Romania. They are filled with stories from their trips, and come back with renewed perspectives on how God can use them to serve. They appreciate the opportunity to do meaningful work, and bless others in the process.  As Pete points out, “It’s like it is in the Bible.  There’s a need, and God chose imperfect people to do the work.” 

Hope Haven

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