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Key to Success

Three years ago, life looked much different for Gabe Banwart.  Diagnosed with schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, and ADHD, Gabe was homeless, and deep in the throes of drug addiction.  He had tried different treatment programs, but had not experienced success.  Life felt erratic, and the daily struggles were overwhelming. 

Through the grace of God, Gabe is in a different place today. “Hope Haven helped me get it together.  It changed my life,” he explains.  Gabe participates in Key to Success (KTS), a program of intensive psychiatric rehabilitation, with the goal of role recovery as the focus of the intervention.  

Key to Success participant

According to Jenna Ramirez, Gabe’s IPR Practitioner with KTS, Gabe has thrived in the program.  “The first time I met him, I had my doubts. He didn’t like authority, but I give everyone a chance. Through the program, he’s met others with similar symptoms.  I think it’s comforting for participants to be around others who have experienced the same things.” In addition to interacting with others in the program, Gabe appreciates Jenna’s ability to understand and listen. “Jenna really gets down to our level to help us, she sits with us and talks with us,” he notes.   

Gabe participates in KTS two mornings a week, meeting both individually and in groups.  He enjoys spending time with the close friends he’s made through KTS, and is approaching the two year mark with his employment at Dunham Sporting Goods in Spencer, Iowa. One of Gabe’s goals is to get his own place to live, and he’s getting closer to making that a reality.  A hopeful future is a new feeling for Gabe, and he credits KTS with helping him write this chapter of his story.  When asked about the impact KTS has had on him, he sums it up pretty simply: “It saved my life.” 

Hope Haven

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