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Nathan's Story

If you live in Worthington, MN, and get your groceries from Fareway, there’s a good chance you have met Nathan. In 2019, Nathan was referred to job placement services at Hope Haven, where Nathan and Melissa, Employment Specialist, met weekly to discuss different jobs opportunities.

In September 2020, Nathan accepted a position at Fareway as a grocery clerk. At first Nathan was a little timid about his new role, but over time he was able to make friends with his co-workers and got to know the customers on a personal level. Now, Nathan is well known at Fareway! When the customers notice what checkout line Nathan is working at, they line up for him to bag and carry out their groceries. Some customers will shop only during his work hours! Nathan has grown into his role, adding responsibilities like training and mentoring high school students, running the cardboard crusher, and stocking fresh produce.

“Nathan plays a valuable role at Fareway! He has great customer service and does a wonderful job,” says Fredie Magana, Fareway Manager. Nathan recently celebrated two years at Fareway and plans to stay there for the foreseeable future.

Inspired by Nathan’s story, we ask for your continued support to help provide more ways for individuals to invest in their daily living. We want others to experience the passion and reward Nathan is feeling. Your contribution helps us continue our growth within our communities and provide services that help people live a productive life.

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