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January is Mental Wellness Month

Hope Haven’s Mental Health Team would like to remind you that January is Mental Wellness Month! Focusing a few minutes every day on enhancing mental wellness can increase resilience, help manage stress, and build on an overall sense of well-being. Mental Wellness also helps combat symptoms of serious mental illness. If the concept of mental wellness is new to you, consider the following steps that can easily be added to your routine:

Develop an attitude of gratitude

  • Focusing on the people and things we are thankful for can help build a positive sense of self. It is often said that while every day may not be good, there is something good in every day. Take a moment or two to focus on the good things, and draw your attention away from what might be dragging you down. Some people find it helpful to keep a list of what they are grateful for, others find it helpful to express appreciation through prayer, conversation, or writing a note.

Set aside time to do the things you enjoy

  • Often we can become overwhelmed by the things we feel we “have” to do, and lose sight of those things that give our lives joy and meaning. Set aside time each day to engage in something pleasant and meaningful to you; take a walk, hot bath, or engage in a hobby. Your pleasant event does not have to take a lot of time out of your day to add a feeling of well-being to your day.

Take a break from stress

  • Try eliminating or reducing those things that are not healthy or helpful to you.  Take a break from watching the news, or unfollow negative people on social media. Set appropriate boundaries in your life, and learn to say no sometimes.  

Slow down

  • Notice with intention the things you are doing. Drawing your awareness to the moment, especially those moments that are pleasant, enhances our ability to be mindful, and connected with ourselves and others.  

Take care of yourself

  • Enhancing our physical wellness also improves mental wellness. Exercising, eating well, and treating physical illness are all important steps to take to help build an overall sense of wellbeing.

Ask for help when you need it

  • Seek support and talk to people who care about you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, Hope Haven can help! Our licensed mental health counselors are trained to work with people who are struggling with everyday stressors, as well as working with people who may have serious mental illness. Call 877-508-3281 to find a counselor in your area, and get back on the path to wellness today!

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