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Hope Haven Society Conducts 56th Annual Meeting 

Hope Haven, Inc. held its 56th Annual Society Meeting on Tuesday, October 27th 2020 in a hybrid format, both virtually via zoom and in person in the Hope Haven gymnasium. During the meeting, society members re-elected Dale Honken, Paul Janssen, Nancy Dorhout, and Ron Boote to an additional three-year term on the Board of Directors. 

The Society members also received the 2020-21 operating budget of $46,575,750 and a $952,000 budget for the Hope Haven Support Foundation gift budget. Organization updates were presented by Terry Meyer, Chief Financial Officer, Mark Siemonsma, Director of Development, Carla Kieft, Director of My Day services, and Matt Buley, CEO. 

The Board of Directors held their organizational meeting and elected Ron Boote, Hull, President; Lyle Ten Haken, Sioux Falls, Vice President; Nancy Dorhout, Rock Valley, Secretary; Todd Visser, Rock Valley, Treasurer. Elected to the Executive Committee were: Rev. Steve Breen, Orange City, and Dr. Kent Eknes, Rock Valley.  

For the Hope Haven Support Foundation Board, Joe Van Tol and John Van Zanten were re-elected for additional one-year terms. Gregg Boone, Howard Beernink, and Elwyn Hoogendoorn were re-elected to additional three-year terms. 

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