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A Warm Heart and a Positive Outlook

In this blog, Direct Support Professional (DSP) Lea shares her firsthand account of working at Hope Haven and why she loves her job.


I sometimes don't even perceive it as a job, but a way to give back to our community. I can help people in need gather tools to live independently and grow each and every day. In the day to day that I have experienced over the past 6 years working with Hope Haven, I have experienced such joy and pride in reaching out to the community of people I serve. I reap much reward from doing so. I am so grateful for the tools that Hope Haven has given me to help those in need. Whether it is to travel or medical attention or socializing in the community.

The warmth that I receive and the growth I observe from each and every one of them is a blessing. We all have faith and endure our troubles and difficulties throughout our daily lives BUT the individuals we assist need our warm hearts, our patience and our positive outlook. I am proud to be a part of this family in Hope Haven. The challenges and sacrifices we all make on a daily basis and the efforts we put into each and every person builds their character and ours within us. I thank you for listening to my story and why I like what I do every day.  Thanks again for giving me the tools over the past 6 years to help others be the best they can be and grow in life. 

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