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1,495,000+ Community Service Hours 

HHI has a wheelchair warehouse inside the South Dakota State Penitentiary, where approximately 40 inmates serve community service hours working on wheelchairs.  It’s a unique partnership because not only do the inmates have work to keep them busy, and the wheelchairs are going to a great cause, but the inmates lives are transformed through the pride they take in their work.   

One inmate explains why he builds wheelchairs for people, “We give them freedom…something many of us will never have.” The inmates work 5 days a week on the wheelchairs. The tasks include sewing upholstery, molding trays, refurbishing wheelchairs, and manufacturing the ROC “tilt-in-space” wheelchair. 

Jeff who has worked at the prison for many years says: “I could get paid at other jobs in the prison, but I stay here. I get such great satisfaction because little kids are going to get wheelchairs! 

Matthew who also works at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, states: “The work puts my heart in motion. Working in this wheelchair shop, fixing wheelchairs for little kids, has transformed me, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.” 

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