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Community Living

Hope Haven provides a variety of community living services and supports in Iowa and Minnesota including but not limited to: Intermediate Care Facility, Residential Care Facility, home based habilitation homes, waiver homes, residential based supported community living for children, supported community living drop in services for children and adults. In Minnesota this includes supported living services, in home support, and foster care as well respite for children and adults.

  • Intermediate Care Facility - Faith, Hope & Charity (FHC) is a division of Hope Haven in Storm Lake, IA. FHC is licensed as an ICF/ID home for children.
  • Residential Care Facility -  These services are provided at Redwood Court in Rock Valley, IA and Northside Court in Hull, IA and are 12 bed homes for adults. 
  • Waiver and Home Based Habilitation Homes - The persons served determine how they want to run their homes (i.e. who cooks, cleans, how they want to spend their leisure time).  Staff supports them in these decisions based on each individual’s plan to help them achieve their goals. 
  • Residential Based Supported Community Living (for children) -  Serving children ages 8-21 years of age that have intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness, emotional, and behavior disorders. 
  • Supported Community Living (for children and adults) - Services for adults and children who live in their family home or individual home throughout counties in Northwest Iowa.  Each person utilizing this service has the support of staff to provide skill training to help them achieve their goals.
  • Supported Living Services - Available in Southwest Minnesota in homes that usually have 3-4 people living together.  The people served determine how they want to run their homes (ie: who cooks, cleans, spend leisure time) and each person creates a Coordinated Service and Support Plan.  
  • In Home Family Support - Provided to a person and his/her family in the family's home and/or in the community to enable the person to remain in or return to the home. 
  • Foster Care
  • Respite (for children and adults) - This service is designed to give a person’s primary caretaker a break from their caretaker responsibilities.  This can be provided in the home of the persons served or in the home of the respite provider.
Community living services – women work together on a puzzle

These services enable individuals with a variety of behavior disorders, disabilities and mental illnesses to participate in the community with the highest possible degree of personal autonomy. These services are person centered and include opportunities to engage in community life and receive services in the community to the same degree as individuals who do not receive services.

The goal of the services listed is to teach basic living skills through naturally occurring interactions so that individuals receiving these services can increase their independence and skill set.  In addition to our positive interaction style, individuals have formal goals in a proactive treatment plan.  This treatment plan is developed by the individual and their team and addresses areas that the individual has identified as important to them.

Naturally occurring teaching opportunities include, but are not limited to; cooking, cleaning, laundry, budgeting, medication management, managing appointments, and socialization. In all of these services, everyone that chooses may participate in employment or another day program throughout the week.  Hope Haven provides these services in many counties throughout Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota.

For Admission information, please contact Manager of Admissions at 712-264-2035 and learn more here.

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