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Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled (ICF/ID)

Faith, Hope and Charity (FHC) is located in Storm Lake, Iowa and became a part of Hope Haven, Inc in February 2018. FHC is licensed as an ICF/ID home for children ages 2-21. Children served in the ICF/ID must meet the requirements set by the State of Iowa to be eligible for these services.

ICF/ID is a 24 hour a day, total care service, providing housing, meals, activities, nursing, recreation, skill building, community interaction and many other services needed by the children served. Parents and families are highly encouraged to interact and participate on their child’s team, assist in developing the Treatment Plan, and participate with their child by taking them on home visits or local outings in the community, when possible.

Children attend the local Storm Lake Community School for their educational needs. Children are transported by the school district’s buses unless other arrangements are necessary. Children are educated as stated in their IEP (Individual Educational Plan) and may attend integrated classes if this is in the child’s plan.

The parent and child may request religious involvement and seek out a way to support their child in attaining the religious experience they desire.

Outcomes of ICF/ID is to assist the child to attain the skills they are able to develop that will assist them in living in the least restrictive environment possible as an adult. This may include the child returning home to their parent(s), if possible, or even moving to a Residential Based – Supported Community Living (RB-SCL) home in the community.

For Admission information, please contact ICF/ID Program Manager Bev Miller at 712-306-7834

Hope Haven

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