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The Problem

A Direct Support Professional (DSP) provides essential services, but Iowa’s current (fixed) reimbursement rates make it nearly impossible for community providers to recruit and retain employees.

Providers report an annual 36% DSP turnover rate and currently, 99% of providers have DSP vacancies.

The Solution

A reimbursement rate increase directed at DSP wages would help improve the retention and recruitment of  DSPs to continue supporting Iowans, enabling them to live, learn and work in the community of their choice. We’re asking for a 10% rate increase, with a 75% pass-through to DSP wages.

How to Help

To support our “Many Voices. One Goal.” campaign, and ultimately help alleviate Iowa’s Direct Support Professional Workforce Crisis, you can do the following:

  1. Contact an Iowa Legislator (Senate)
  2. Contact an Iowa Legislator (House)
  3. Send a “Thank You” to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Learn more about this campaign by watching one of the videos below - presented by Hope Haven CEO Matt Buley.  Keep scrolling to find the legislators in your area. You’ll also find helpful tips for your outreach!


Find your Senator & Representative

Below, you’ll see pictures of the Senators and Representatives who serve the Hope Haven service area in Iowa. The communities they serve are below their name. Click their picture and you’ll be taken to a page that gives information about them, as well as their email address and phone number. Determine which type of contact you will have and reach out with the information below! Remember to find both your Senator and Representative.


House of Representatives

"What Do I Say?"

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What’s your connection to disability services? Example: “My child lives in an Intermediate Care Facility run by Hope Haven.” OR Example: “I work for Hope Haven in Orange City.”
  3. If possible, share how much our work matters to you or someone you care about.
  4. If you’re comfortable with it, share that your concerned disability services has been under-prioritized and under-funded.
  5. Ask them to prioritize a 10% budget increase to HCBS, ICF and Habilitation providers. We need this funding to go directly to providers and 75% should be used for direct care wages.

What is the thank you note to Governor Reynolds?

We’re thrilled that Governor Reynolds included a budget increase in her state budget proposal. This moves us in the right direction. Because of the efforts already in process to work with the Governor to prioritize and increase the amount, our State Association believes our best approach is to thank her for what she’s doing. The email address you will get linked to is the person who has advocated for this. Please just take a moment to say thanks! Of course, include your connection to disability services when you do.

Send a thank you to Governor Reynolds by emailing:

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The first 150 responses will receive a free t-shirt! Please fill out the form below.

*Size availability is limited*

Experiencing issues with the form? Email with your repsonses and t-shirt preferences.


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