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What is "A New Spirit: The Next Generation of International Ministries"?

The campaign hopes to raise $1.8 million to support the purchase and renovation of the current HHIM building located at 521 N. Kiwanis Ave in Sioux Falls, SD. This site serves as HHIM's main space for manufacturing, refurbishing, storing, and shipping wheelchairs. $950,000 is needed for purchasing the existing building, with $850,000 required for repairs and renovations. 

Why is a renovation needed?

The building is in need many repairs. Currently, it is not energy efficient, needs a new roof and a general facelift. These improvements will positively impact our image in the Siouxland region. We also need an upgraded worksite in this building where volunteers can work. The remodeling will create space for volunteers, as well as much needed insulation, lighting and other interior restorations. 

We also have a need for a loading dock at our site in Sioux Falls. All used wheelchairs that come in, and all of the finished wheelchairs that go out, are processed at this facility. The new loading dock and improved layout will allow forklifts to drive directly into the trailer from the ramp, saving hours weekly and increasing production time.

What are the benefits of this project?

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This project serves people with disabilities in developing countries by providing wheelchairs and other mobility support devices. HHIM ensures that the appropriate wheelchair is given to each individual, personalized to the specific needs of their disability, height and weight. These wheelchairs transform the lives of the recipients by delivering dignity, mobility and the ability to further integrate into their communities and family settings. 

Wheelchair distributions present opportunities for volunteers (locally and throughout the continent) to come together to manufacture or rebuild the wheelchairs, help in sorting, packing and loading wheelchairs, and help on the actual wheelchair distribution trips by giving out and seating the wheelchair recipients. There is also an opportunity to fund the wheelchairs through financial donations and to donate used wheelchairs for HHIM to rebuild and give away.

Business and manufacturing partners benefit in their relationship with HHIM by donating the excess resources they accumulate to aid in manufacturing our wheelchairs. Normally these companies dispose of their waste and remnant materials through landfills. Instead of throwing this material away, they may choose to donate the excess resources to HHIM. This process helps HHIM to operate with enhanced environmental sustainability. HHIM rebuilds thousands of wheelchairs annually that come from landfills.


The Renovation Plan

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How will this project make an impact?

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HHIM will see an immediate cost savings of $60,000 annually with the building purchase. HHIM will benefit in easier and faster loading and unloading time, increased storage space, and a new workshop for a growing volunteer base in Sioux Falls. The efficient work environment will increase production for employees and volunteers. The new building will beautify the area on Kiwanis Ave and will drive new financial support for HHIM. Increased insulation from more efficient AC and heat will save $12,000 annually on our utility costs.

Because of the improved facilities, wheelchair recipients will ultimately benefit from improved quality control and faster turnaround with wheelchair manufacturing. HHIM will also expand its workforce in Sioux Falls. HHIM estimates that the combined community impact of HHIM in Sioux Falls and NW Iowa to be $14 million dollars annually. We currently work with 120 volunteers annually and the new facility could double the number of volunteer opportunities with HHIM in Sioux Falls. Additionally, HHIM is a faith based ministry and when possible, HHIM and our partners proclaim the gospel with those we serve. Our ministry partners use the wheelchairs as a tool to reach people and evangelize.

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How can I help?

You can prayerfully and generously give: Gifts may be one time or cumulative over a 3-5 year period. Named gift options are available. 100% of your support goes directly to sponsoring our building costs. You can give a one-time gift to the campaign by donating through the form below, or commit to a multi-year gift by downloading a pledge form here.

Pledge forms can be returned to: Attn: Brenda Gisolf, Hope Haven, PO Box 70, Rock Valley, IA 51247

You can also help by volunteering. With the expansion and improvements in this project, more volunteers will be needed in our new production shop building and rebuilding wheelchairs. Additional volunteers will be needed regularly to help in unloading/loading containers and driving to pick up materials and used wheelchairs across the Midwest. There will also be increased opportunities for work groups from churches, civic clubs and businesses. You can sign up to be a volunteer here.

Donation Options

Multi-Year Pledge: Download the pledge form here

One Time Gift: Fill out the form below


For more information, please contact:

Stacey Kutil
Sioux Falls Development Manager
Mark Siemonsma
Director of Development
Scott Koedam
Associate Director of Development

Hope Haven

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