Oscar’s First Wheelchair

Meet Oscar. Oscar is 28 years.

Everywhere he went he was carried by his father…

Until the day he came to a wheelchair distribution in Costa Rica – where he received his first wheelchair from Hope Haven International Ministries.

Due to his extreme Scoliosis and Cerebral Palsy the seating team had to build a cushion to support the curvature of his spine. When we adjusted his headrest and he was able to keep his head up without someone holding it his face lit up with the biggest smile.

He loved that he could be tilted in his chair and he laughed when we adjusted his footrests (his legs are very ticklish!) We worked on getting the fit of the chair the positioning and seating correct for several hours. When Oscar’s father asked if he could drive Oscar’s new wheels Oscar would communicate no.

There were lots of smiles some tears and most of all – there was the beautiful gift of human generosity and connection. Language barriers and cultural differences fade away and one person connects with another human spirit. This is the beauty of service. This is what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

If you want to volunteer for a wheelchair distribution trip with Hope Haven International Ministries or find other ways to get involved please email Martina at

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