Life Changing Wheelchairs

Imagine making a big impact on the lives of others by doing something so simple! Meet Lincoln, a third grader at Rock Valley Christian School, who made a difference in the lives of four children in Vietnam with the gift of mobility.

Last year, Lincoln and his classmates participated in the “Blessed to Bless” fundraiser to raise money for a charity of their choice, where his donation went towards Hope Haven International Ministries to provide a wheelchair for a child in another country. For the class project, the students put together a cookbook to sell. After dividing the profits, each student received $24 to donate back to charity.

But it didn’t stop there! Lincoln’s mom, Emily, asked him if he wanted to donate the $24 or if he wanted to increase his donation. After brainstorming ideas for a fundraiser, Lincoln and his family came up with an idea of chocolate-covered strawberries — because who doesn’t like those around Valentine’s Day! After 15 minutes, they sold 14 dozen strawberries to meet Lincoln’s goal of purchasing one wheelchair. But the excitement continued! The word got around to their local church and people began making donations towards Lincoln’s fundraiser. His plan to purchase one wheelchair turned into four wheelchairs.

On November 2022, 168 wheelchairs were delivered on a distribution trip to Vietnam. Lincoln’s four wheelchairs changed the lives for Tran (age 10), Kien (age 7), Vu (age 15), and Tung (age 7). Today, these kids now have the freedom and independence, as well as an opportunity to attend school.

Inspired by Lincoln’s story, we hope you too feel the passion to give a generous gift and participate in the life change of a wheelchair. Your contribution will help us continue to provide service to those in desperate need around the world.

If you wish to contribute, visit HTTPS://WWW.HOPEHAVEN.ORG/GIVE today. At Hope Haven, we thank you again for your support and your prayers in serving our mission.

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