International Ministries Awards “Pillar of Hope” to Donors

We are proud to announce a new donor recognition award the “Pillar of Hope Award”. This special award recognizes the Hope Haven International Ministries (HHIM) donors who help to make the gift of mobility possible with their generous in-kind donations or other outstanding forms of support.  

Uniroyal Global Engineered Products Inc. American Converters Inc. and Menasha Corporation were recently recognized for their in-kind donations and presented with Pillar of Hope Awards.   

American Converters Inc. manufactures various types of foam for furniture and mattresses and is located in Fridley MN. HHIM uses foam donated by American Converters Inc. for wheelchair seating pads arm rests and head rests. Executive Vice President Tom Hall and Senior Buyer Andrew Harry were presented with the award. 

Menasha Packaging Company located in Lakeville MN specializes in designing and manufacturing cardboard boxes for shipping various products worldwide. It’s estimated that Menasha has contributed 100 000 boxes for wheelchairs to HHIM since 2000. These boxes help with logistical shipping obstacles and protect the wheelchairs in transit.  

Lastly the Naugahyde division of Uniroyal Global Engineered Products in Stoughton WI received a Pillar of Hope Award. Naugahyde is a composite knit fabric backing and expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic coating and is used by HHIM in manufacturing or repairing the arm rests head rests and seats of our wheelchairs. Uniroyal has been providing us with this material since around 2000.  

Finally at our Annual Dessert Benefit Auction in Sioux Falls  the award was presented to Elmer Karl  Owner and Founder of Karl’s TV and Appliance Stores. Over the past seven years Karl’s has engaged in HHIM wheelchair collection drives around the Midwest at their locations in South Dakota Wyoming North Dakota Nebraska Iowa and Minnesota. 

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