Double HH Manufacturing Expansion

Double HH Manufacturing, a division of Hope Haven, Inc., is a couple of months away from completing a 35,000-square-foot addition that will allow for more warehouse and manufacturing space. The decision to expand came on the heels of the increase in the company’s product demand and the results of a market survey/research performed in 2020 by CIRAS, Iowa State University’s Center for Industrial Research and Science.

The additional manufacturing space will allow for expanded use of robotics, cobots, and state-of-the-art order picking/packing operations. The expanded warehouse will provide space to store more products from Double HH’s diversified product line. Additional restrooms and shipping/receiving docks are also included in the project. Double HH Manufacturing will span 78,000 square feet upon the expansion’s completion.

Double HH Manufacturing evolved from a work training facility established in 1970 to employ people with disabilities to the business is conducts today. The workshop was first housed in the basement of Hope Haven’s main building at 1800 19th Street. Later an addition on the north side of the campus was completed.

About the same time, a local business gave the work training facility a couple of machines and a basic hitch pin design. The hitch pin was initially sold to local farmers, who began offering suggestions regarding the product’s design. Heeding those suggestions, the work center’s leadership and employees developed a uniquely designed hitch pin with a wide grip handle, heavy collar, and plastisol coating. The Double HH Hitch Pin design has become one of the most widely imitated worldwide.

In 1998, the work training center’s operations were moved to a spec building at 207 Westview Drive. Double HH Manufacturing was officially named and established as a division of Hope Haven, Inc. The change in name was initiated to provide an improved market position and to more accurately reflect its growing capabilities.

“We recognized opportunities to expand not only in the hitchpin production, but also in the other machining services Double HH could offer to customers.” said

Loy Van’t Hul, Double HH’s Chief Manufacturing Officer. “The move increased manufacturing and warehouse space, and we wanted to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Along with the hitch pin, Double HH Manufacturing has expanded its product line to include other types of pins, non-threaded fasteners, and tractor 3-point linkage parts.

The company also provides machining services and specialized components for a wide range of industries, from components used in heavy-duty truck industry, automotive/recreational vehicles, agricultural equipment, fitness equipment, railroad locomotives, oil drilling platforms, and military vehicles.

The company has remained under the auspice of Hope Haven, Inc. and an integral part of its mission. Its employee base consists of people with disabilities and people without disabilities. Today, the company employs 60 people.

“Over the last 50-plus years, Hope Haven has not waivered from the purpose of employing and providing work training for people with disabilities,” said Van’t Hul. “But as with any company, you have to grow to be sure those opportunities continue to exist. Along with that purpose, good stewardship must be incorporated so the operation may remain viable.”

Van’t Hul is grateful for so many who are and have remained committed to the mission of Hope Haven.

“To the many people that have been a part of Hope Haven now and over those years, we would like to thank you for the work, vision, and support that makes Hope Haven and Double HH what it is today,” he said.

Article written by Kelly Vander Pol, staff editor at the Rock Valley Bee. 

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