Creative Work Solutions at The Achievement Center

For a stretch of nearly 3 months day services at The Achievement Center in Worthington were suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Many of the essential evening services continued throughout as the services continued to be needed to support other essential businesses. The majority of these essential jobs were cleaning in nature in several clinics. Staff and active employees have been practicing safety prior to the shutdown which includes temperature checks health questionnaires social distancing and extra sanitization.

Staff have filled the shoes of the employees in house as this is traditionally the busy time of the year for survey stakes and lath. Other services at The Achievement Center that were deemed essential include commercial laundry Bedford Elastitags Double H pin/clip packaging Newport Labs box assembly and even Foreign Candy projects. Staff have worked in all of these areas to keep work flowing and allow for continued work for employees upon reopening. A soft reopening on June 22nd brought back additional people back in phases as regulations allow. At this point staff are limited to working 3 hour days. We are appreciative for the staff that have stepped up and assisted during this unique time!

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